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Heading back to Vegas without a Blue Badge


For the past 11 years I have spoken all over the world for Microsoft from everything about Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Management, Security, Virtualization and the Cloud.  For as few as 5, and as many as 8500 people.  Next week, an entirely different type of event kicks off, one that I am looking forward to participating in.  VMworld USA 2011 in Las Vegas is on, and RES is a Gold Partner (yay booth duty).  Together with a friend and colleague Bob we are delivering a new topic. 

Delivering ITaaS today with VMware Technology
As organizations embark on the journey to user centric desktop experiences, IT is faced with new priorities based on user preferences, working styles and flexibility requirements. Through the deployment of ITaaS, organizations have been introduced to cost effective, flexible anywhere access to secure, compliant workspace environments. Many of these capabilities are foreign infrastructure and require new ways of thinking, beyond traditional processes and technologies. This should not create complexity. A layered approach to delivering a consistent user centric application model allows IT to bridge from classic workstation to hybrid desktop experiences with complimentary capabilities native to the business. In this demonstration rich, technical session, you will see how high degrees of automation can be achieved in a client service model. We will demonstrate how you can experience a truly dynamic desktop empowered with flexible self service capabilities. Finally, we will present a deployment strategy for you to utilize today to get started with rich analysis of your existing desktop landscape.

We are going to talk about the development of several key capabilities that are shaping IT today as we we know it.  CoIT, UIA, Profiles, Security, Compliance and UEM are all major influences to the modern organization.  Many are still trying to make CoIT work with their classic management platform.  A place familiar to me, with my time in System Center as the Sr TPM for ConfigMgr for the last 6 years.  I used to think it was pretty simple, pretty straightforward, black and white.  This could not be further from the case.

The reality is pretty different.  User preferences are shaping IT strategy at a time when the business is revisiting whether to keep on premises datacenter lights on.  User preferences, User Context, and true dynamic workspace management are more important than ever.  This is far beyond roaming profiles, a technology that out of the box was a great idea, but has caused more issues than benefits with the development of client architecture (x86 and x64 changing %profilepath architecture), users on multiple devices, roaming, mobility and an aging Group Policy object concept that simply cannot keep up with the pace of its users’ workstyles.

As the industry, and organizations have gone through the stages of traditional management, VDI, Desktop Virt, App Virt and are realizing they are still not ‘there’ for their users, the next generation of management layer is arriving. 

Context aware User Workspace Management.  The ability to define a user workspace complete with settings, applications, printers, and all that a user needs in a flexible, user self provisioned – task automated service is growing.  This layer is complete with granular security levels, white list and black listed apps and more.  It’s a game changer.  Something that management platforms like System Center and others do not have on their roadmaps for years to come.  They are focused on shifting services to the cloud.

Speaking of the Cloud, VMworld is themed ‘Own it.  Your Cloud.’   According to

  • 33% or orgs today are investigating Cloud Computing to mimic public capabilities behind a firewall
  • 37% are investigating SaaS
  • 61% are engaged in Cloud use case analysis in Dev /Test labs.

Why are they doing it?  What is the big deal?

2/3 of organizations believe Cloud Computing is a solution for scalability.  54% are driving Cloud initiatives to impact overall cost savings.  53% want better management.  1/2 want better agility or flexibility. 



Types of Cloud Computing in 2011

  • 59% Compute
  • 51% Storage
  • 47% Platform as a Service

And in 2011 organizations have preferences for their Cloud computing Server deployments:

  • 36% Virtual Servers running on our own dedicated hardware in own datacenter
  • 18% Virtual Servers running in a hosted data center
  • 13% Physical servers running on dedicated hardware in own data center
  • 12% In public clouds provided by a service provider
  • 11% In private clouds hosted in own data center
  • 11% Physical servers running on dedicated hardware in a hosted data center

Out session is Monday in Las Vegas (consider yourself invited) at the Venetian – Venetian Ballroom I @ 9:30 AM-10:30 AM.

We look forward to seeing you there.  Want to know more about RES at VMworld?  Check our our event site here.

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Jeff Wettlaufer
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, RES Software


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